Improve website speed by enabling gzip compression

There are many simple things which improve the speed of your website. One of those things is gzip which make a website load faster. But gzip is not enabled by default on web host server. You have to do this yourself either from the control panel of web-hosting account or using a .htaccess file. It is very important to enable gzip because this one thing can improve the speed of your website as much as

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Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile-friendly website is strongly required for good SEO & Great UX

Let’s first quickly see how a mobile-friendly website is different. If you open a mobile-friendly website on your smartphone, you don’t need to zoom or pinch in order to read the text. On the other hand, if you open a website on your smartphone which is not mobile-friendly, you need to zoom, pinch or scroll horizontally to read the content. You feel a disappointing experience while viewing a website which is not mobile-friendly. Generally, people

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