Best Frontend Editor for WordPress – 2021

Hello friends, I am creating WordPress websites for the last 10 years.

When I started, there was not any frontend editor for WordPress like today. We had to either create pure HTML or had to use the old default WordPress editor. After some time Visual Composer came, and amazing website building started. All the theme developers started shipping Visual Composer with their premium themes and it became a trend.

Even with Visual Composer the building, a web page was a very time-consuming task. So theme developers started shipping pre-made demo pages with their theme which we just had to import and customize according to our need. These premade pages were amazing in look but were heavy. More they tried to create beautify pages, pages started getting bulky.

We also started getting bugs in sites and pages. We started getting new issues when we install some incompatible plugin or theme with Visual Composer.

Many theme authors developed their own frontend builder, Divi, and Avada themes are the most popular themes which have their own frontend builder.

In 2016, Elementor was launched which gained over 5 million active installs in this short time.

Arrival of Elementor

When Elementor started getting famous, I got a chance to build website using that. It was much easier, developer friendly experience with Elementor. Also, the page building time reduced and stress also reduced.

Till now I have built WordPress using many Frontend Editor but Elementor is best frontend editor in my opinion.

Here is a quick comprising of Elementor vs Visual Composer:

Elementor Visual Composer
Active installs 5m+ 80,000+
Editing Modes Front-end Front-end
Responsive Editing Yes Yes
Free Templates Yes Yes
Reusable Templates Yes No
Translation Ready Yes No

Which Themes Work Best with Elementor?

If you have Elementor Pro and want to build a lightweight and fast loading WordPress website then Hello theme is the best option. Hello is a plain-vanilla & lightweight theme for Elementor website builder.

If you need lots of customization in the theme then Astra is a good option as it’s fast and has lots of customization options.

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